While it may seem trivial, a public urination ticket in some states is a crime.But there are many well-documented cases throughout the country where public urination can quickly turn into a sex crime in Los Angeles. One minute a person can be urinating in public, thinking they’ll face a minor misdemeanor and the next minute, … Read more


When you are facing your second, third or any multiple DUI charge, you are probably aware of the potential serious consequences of conviction, which includes mandatory jail time, license suspension and hefty fines. You can even be facing a felony DUI charge. The sooner you retain the services of an experienced DUI lawyer, the sooner … Read more


Florida has some of the nation’s toughest laws for driving under the influence (DUI), even for first time offenders. Most of our clients are good people who have made a bad choice to drive home after having a few drinks. The potential consequences of a conviction for a first time offense include high fines, license … Read more


If you’ve been arrested on a DUI or DWI charge, get a defense lawyer within ten days. If you wait longer than that to get legal advice, you will lose the chance to appeal the suspension of your driver’s license. You can still fight the criminal DUI charge, but you will no longer be able … Read more


It happens all the time in Florida. A college student or an out-of-state college or high school student on spring break uses a fake ID to get into a nightclub in Florida or purchase alcohol from a liquor store. They do not take into account that there is an undercover cop who is focused on … Read more


Nothing can ruin a vacation to Florida faster than being arrested for a crime while on vacation. Besides having to spend time on your vacation dealing with the police and making bail, you now have to worry about taking additional time off to return to Florida to attend a criminal hearing – not to mention … Read more


In Florida if you get too many points in a given period of time you could lose your privilege to drive and if you get stopped driving with the suspension you may be arrested. Do not let it get that far. If you get a ticket for driving while license suspended and you pay it, … Read more


Illegal possession of just one prescription pill is enough to get you arrested. The State of Florida prosecutes drug cases, no matter how small they appear, to the fullest extent of the law. We are extremely familiar with this policy, because our attorneys passionately work for people like you. We represent good people who have … Read more