Florida Arrest Records Search

Florida Arrest Records Search Search Arrest Records to uncover someone’s past. Learn about an individual’s arrest records and criminal history and find out the details about their prior offenses. Find out if someone close to you has ever been convicted of a serious offense such as sex crime, arrested or has a criminal record. Florida … Read more

Alabama Arrest Records Search

Instant Police Record Search. Find Anyone’s Arrest Details, Driving Violations Autauga Arrest Records Baldwin Arrest Records Cherokee Chilton Arrest Records Coffee Arrest Records Colbert Arrest Records Coosa Arrest Records Dale Arrest Records DeKalb Arrest Records Etowah Arrest Records Franklin Arrest Records Houston Arrest Records Jackson Arrest Records Jefferson Arrest Records Lee Arrest Records Limestone Arrest … Read more

Arrest public urination

Urinating in public is illegal in every state. Defendants may be charged under a law that specifically criminalizes the act, or the prosecutor may allege that the defendant presented a public nuisance or is guilty of disorderly conduct. A harsher approach is to charge defendants with indecent exposure or public lewdness, which are crimes that may … Read more

Texas Arrest Records Search

In Texas, you’ll have to request arrest records through the Department of Public Safety (DPS). The CCH (Computerized Criminal History) division is the central repository for all Texas arrest record as they’re reported by local police departments. Some types of arrest records may not be completely revealed unless you represent an authorized government, criminal justice … Read more